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High West American Prairie Bourbon and Double Rye Sale

High West American Prairie Bourbon and Double Rye Sale

Come grab the discounted bottles of High West American Prairie Bourbon and Double Rye. It is now on sale for $34.99, down from $38.99

High West American Prairie Bourbon 

High West is dedicated to preserving and promoting the American West. American Prairie is a superb premium bourbon whiskey dedicated to one of the greatest land preservation projects of our time. The American Prairie Reserve in Montana is a 5000 Square mile land tract the size of Connecticut restored to what Lewis and Clark would have seen. High West will donate 10% of after tax profits from each bottle to the American Prairie Foundation. 


Silver Medal - Bourbon - High Rye - Whiskeys of the World 2015
Double Gold Medal - Fifty Best 2015
92 Points - The Tasting Panel

High West Double Rye!

Double Rye! is dedicated to the cowboy in all of us. An unusual shotgun marriage of two rye whiskies from two different distilleries back east, Double Rye! combines a feisty high rye 2-year-old and a saddle smooth 16-year-old. The younger rye has a mashbill with 95% rye/5% barley malt and the older has a more typical rye mashbill with 53% rye and 37% corn. We think the extra age and increased corn adds just enough caramel sweetness and woody vanilla richness to calm the “bite” of the younger rye for a relationship that works. The resulting combination is bold, balanced, complex and perfect for mixing – we like a Double Rye! Manhattan. With a taste profile of cinnamon, clove, anise, eucalyptus buttons, evergreen “gin-like” flavors and a vibrant finish, Double Rye! is absolutely superb for sipping alone or sharing with other cowboys and good-looking strangers. 


97 Points: Matt Colglazier, - "This is absolutely the finest rye (and perhaps the finest spirit) I have ever tasted. Spruce and pine notes kick off the nose, leading quickly into a dusting of fresh spearmint, gin, and distressed club-chair leather. On the palate, the freshness of the oak is matched only by the highest, fruitiest rye notes that have ever crossed my lips. It literally melts! Cocoa, cinnamon, rosehip and the most delictible bitter rye/anise spice note sees you out the door. Seriously, do whatever it takes to buy a case of this stuff, or whatever you can afford. This is a once in a lifetime experience."